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dinner for two (or one. celebrate yourself!)

here's the thing...sometimes one doesn't have time to create an elaborate dinner for two (or one. maybe ESPECIALLY for one) so don't fret. this dish will impress even yourself on your "I'm taking some me time" dinner plans. or...for two.

what you'll need:

corn tortillas - as many as you'd like. you know what your belly needs

chicken thighs 5-6 pieces - I think

garlic - about 4-5 cloves


1 can black beans - unless you have time to soak them overnight, but who are we kidding?

1 can corn - I prefer an organic type. whatever that means to you

1 red peper

coconut oil - yes. it's happening again

soy sauce

sriracha sauce if you're feeling frisky

dried chili peppers

onion - half of a medium onion unless you're like "hell this is ME time. I'm eating the whole damn thing" have at it. this is about you.

cheese - if you're living in Vermont, Alpine by Cabot. if you're STILL in Vermont and it's the middle of winter, eat the whole thing. I won't blame you.

cast iron skillet

kitchen towel - or cloth napkin.

mince that garlic. then chop your red pepper into small (not tiny) cubes (cubes? yes cubes. you know what I mean) do the same with that onion. in your skillet, melt 2-3 tbs of coconut oil. once your pan is warm, add about 1/2 tsp of dried chili powder. stir, or "move around", until it smells toasty but before you start sneezing or coughing. throw in the garlic and onions. medium heat is best, but you might need to lower if things are heating up too fast. no pun intended. throw in the pepper cubes. add black beans and corn. mix all ingredients. cook until the red pepper is done to your liking. I don't prefer soft veggies. add soy sauce. now turn off your heat and cover.

chicken. scares me, but it's delicious. basically cook until it's no longer pink, and there aren't any questionable pink juices. yep. cook it on up in coconut oil if you wish. usually it takes about 10 minutes. give or take. if you're concerned, because clearly I am, just cut that thigh in half and take a close gander at the middle "hm, is it pink?" when you answer "no" with confidence, it's done. then cut into small bite size pieces. if you're with someone else you can cut it up for each other. that's what romance looks like.

mix chicken in with the pepper, black bean, corn combo. meanwhile heat tortillas one by one in a pan. have a kitchen towel (a clean kitchen towel mind you) handy to place your hot tortillas. it'll keep them nice and warm.

when you are ready to eat, or feed your lover, place ingredients on tortillas, sprinkle with shredded cheese, and cilantro for a garnish or added flavor. drizzle sriracha.

they will thank you, and you will thank yourself.

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