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sweet potato fries, and then some

so, have you recently had one of those days where you're like "I NEED A BURGER AND A SNUGGLE". this was me last week. after a long day of dancing I was spent and need a home cooked meal that would sooth my tired muscles, and give all the delicious protein and vitamins my body needed (well, the garlic aioli maaaaybe was a stretch, but damn if it wasn't DELICIOUS)

to make baked sweet potato fries all you need to do is:

preheat oven to 400 (you might need to lower it depending on the strength of you oves)

cut em up like french fries

put em in a pan

drizzle with olive oil

sprinkle with salt or drizzle with my fave gf tamari

bake until they start to "crisp" (which isn't really a crisp at all, but crunchier-ish tha soft" I like mine to get a little on the dark/almost burnt side. they should be chewy. anyway, believe me it's so good.)

for carmelized purple onion:

heat your oil of choice in a medium sauce pan

cut your onion into long strips (don't cry it's going to be ok)

once you pan is heated, and onions

simmer on low heat until carmelized. it might take a while so be patient

garlic aioli:

mince 5 cloves of garlic

garlic ---> ramekin

fill with olive oil, enough so the garlic is saturated, and then a bit more

place in oves (lower heat to 375)

bake for about 10 min


in a mason jar or large measuring cup fill with 1 cup mayo (yeah did I say we have all day to whip eggs and make this from scratch? nope)

add 1 tbs of tamari (give or take depending on your personal flavor preference)

add 1 tbs lemon juice (give or take depending on your personal flavor preference)

remove garlique from the oves and pour contents into your mayo mason jar

stir, stir, stir

the burgers are easy - I like to buy local, grass fed beef.

make into patties

grill on a grill to your liking

or grill in a pan

or bake in the oves

I also appreciate a side salad with this meal and sauerkraut. Having something fermented with this meal can help with digestion (also adding fennel seeds or coriander seeds to your burger meat) below you can see the combo is like totally yum am I right?

cheers, and happy cooking!

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