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Updated: Mar 3, 2018

Yep it's Monday again, and perhaps this is a week where you feel a little less prepared than others (that's ME yikes!) So here is a very simple meal that I threw together last night that ended up being pretty darn yummy. Remember - effort doesn't always equal success, SOMETIMES the easiest thing is what's needed. That's my (sprinkle) of sage advice ;)

What you'll need:

box of Tomato Soup - there's an organic creamy tomato soup from Trader Joes that's totally delicious (and cheap!)

corn tortillas - two for each quesadilla

sharp cheddar cheese of your choice


sun dried tomatoes




cayenne (I know you thought I was kidding, but I actually use this quite often)

smoke paprika




garlic powder

coconut oil

Begin by mincing your garlic. Side note: I add a ton of garlic to my recipes in general. It's a great way to naturally boost your immune system, with antiviral, antibacterial, AND anti-inflammatory properties (also you'll find out who your true friends are if you can eat all that garlic and still stand feet away from them telling your life story....even better friends are eating it WITH YOU!) Adding medicinal ingredients such as garlic, ginger, and turmeric for example can be a great way to cultivate healing properties for your body while eating a delicious meal. Pretty rad right?

But we can talk more on that later...

On one tortilla spread garlic evenly. Finely grate cheese, about 1/3 cup or so. Add about 5-6 pieces of sun dried tomatoes. Crack pepper over it. Cover with the other tortilla.


Make sure your pan is relatively warm with coconut oil melted. Probably about 1 tsp. Place your tortillas on the pan. As your masterpiece cooks sprinkle garlic powder, paprika, cayenne, thyme, and salt. Do this to both sides. Flip a few times to gently brown on each side. Because you are using spices in a pan it is very easy to create a smokey environment, so keep a close watch.

Heat tomato soup in a small sauce pan, until warm. Once you pour into the vessel of your choice (I like small things, so a tiny bowl or cup can be nice if you don't prefer a lot of soup) sprinkle parmesan, and oregano over the top.

Once your tortillas are a slight golden brown, take them off the pan, let them cool a bit, cut into triangles and place on a plate. Color adds variety and has a positive affect on our bodies, both mental and physical, SO I really like to choose as much color as possible - whether it's colorful dishes, or adding edible flowers to meals, or an array of colorful vegetables. Make it as vibrant as possible.

With this in mind, add cilantro to top off your quesadillas. No need to chop, you can just break it up with your hands.

Then place your cup of tomato soup next to your cheesy morsels.

Boom. Thats's about it!

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