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did someone say SUSHI?

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Chirasi Bowl from Tops'l

My fiancé, and I recently paid a visit to the Pacific Northwest - specifically the long trek to San Juan Island. Between the seals, deer, and bald eagles, we were truly overwhelmed by the beauty, fresh fish, and excellent wine.

Our last night was spent enjoying a Chirasi Bowl from a fantastic little sushi restaurant by the name of Tops'l located in the town of Friday Harbor. If you ever make it out there, I HIGHLY recommend this place.

Before going to Tops'l we enjoyed a couple of glasses of a mystery Cabernet at Downriggers Restaurant across the street, which only added to my enthusiasm of having a delicious bowl of fresh fish.

Tops'l is not super fancy or over the top, but certainly lends to a romantic evening. The open room is dimly lit, but not so dim that one is like "who am I with?". It was magical, and the service was friendly and on-point (which to me, means our food arrived quickly)

I'm not sure what "rotating" fish was chosen for the Chirasi Bowl (and had it not been for the wine perhaps I would have thought to ask) though from experience I could guess salmon, shrimp, tuna, maybe sword fish - delicately topped off with salmon roe and likely a quail egg (this was an adventure on my part as I am not accustomed to eating raw eggs) with the typical sides of ginger and wasabi. The presentation was gorgeous and just as fast as I saw it and said "my god that is stunning" it was in my belly where it belonged. Each bite was heavenly, and melted like butter, or velvet, or when I tried panna cotta for the first time in Rome. Simply incredible.

For more information about Tops'l visit: http://www.topslseafood.com/


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