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ACT I: How to roast a chicken with "confidence"

Updated: Feb 2

There is something about roasting a chicken that takes me back to my childhood. Whenever there was a chicken or turkey in the oven my dad would rush back and forth from living room to kitchen frantically checking the state of the bird. It was a bit of panicked situation, he did the same thing while making Chinese style dishes as well. Perhaps cooking was stressful for him, but the end result was always delicious, and the whole process gave us a good laugh in the end. Warms my heart thinking about it.

Roasting a chicken is pretty easy, but yes, one is required to keep a watch on the bird, with fairly constant evaluation of where things are at during the roasting process, asking questions like: "is it getting too crispy on the top? should I make a tin foil tent to keep the top skin from burning? do I need to keep basting it? and how often? why didn't I just buy a roasted chick chick?" So yeah. Basting is definitely a thing, and helps keep the outside of your chicken a beautiful golden brown, and also keeps it from getting dried out, because blah, who wants a dry chicken after all that work and careful observation.

It only takes about 1 1/2 hours of your life, and at the end it's totally worth it.

The beautiful thing about cooking low and slow is that one can take their sweet time figuring out the needs of the chicken without rushing.

Also, red wine is important. Not for the chicken, but for you.

This is Act I of how to roast a chicken with "confidence". Please observe Act II for further details, and "confidence" building strategies for surviving a evening in the kitchen


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