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chocolate covered strawberries (with a kick)

Updated: Feb 15, 2018

Whether it's Valentine's Day, or just a way to pick up a cold winter afternoon, this recipe will bring a little morsel of joy to your day!

Covering things with chocolate is easy.

But have you tried adding cayenne pepper, course sea salt and a honey drizzle? My favorite way to create an unexpected twist to a very traditional recipe is to combine just a hint of spice and that subtle salty crunch, all of which will open your palate to better taste the full flavor of that chocolate. I mean why not right? (P.S the honey is just for show)

Here is what you'll need to set the mood:

Covering in the a.m

a Cappuccino

Billy Holiday playing in the background

Covering in the p.m

A delicious red (or white) wine, or perhaps Prosecco if your'e feeling fancy

Miles Davis


1 pint of fresh strawberries

1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips

approx. 1/4 cup heavy cream or half and half

1 tsp cayenne (you can decide how sassy you feel!)

course sea salt for sprinkling

honey (preferably in a container for easy drizzle)

sauce pan

1 baking sheet

parchment paper

Begin by melting those little morsels of chocolate into a small sauce pan with the cream of your choice. I love using heavy cream, but you'll know what's right for you. Place on medium heat, and watch it like a hawk because once it burns, yikes. As the pan and contents become warm enough to begin melting, you can lower the heat, and stir constantly (but don't stress yourself out about it, there is plenty of time to sip your beverage and stare longingly at the state of your chocolate) The final stages of the chocolate should be smooth, and clump free. It might take a few extra splashes of cream to produce that silky quality. Now add the cayenne, and taste as you go along. It should be a hint of spice. Just enough to make folks say "huh, is that a dash of spice I'm tasting? or am I dreaming? how clever of you..". The mystery of spice is exactly that, it adds mystery and intrigue. Keeps us curious and on our toes with all that exciting flavor, and it's not often that we are in control of the unexpected, so now is your chance!

So.....I would say that preparing your baking sheet with a sheet of parchment paper should be your first step, but I get so excited about the chocolate. But yes, prepare your baking sheet with parchment paper in advance.

Now for dipping. Choose your strawberries wisely. Isn't there a quote about that somewhere? Each one should be ripe enough that biting into it with all that chocolate is a joy and not a hard disappointment. Now that you have found the perfect one, gently place it in your chocolate and cover enough so that the very top part of the sberry and stem are showing (yeah, "sberry". you're cool now). If you have decided to wash your sberries first make sure they are dry as the chocolate will slip off, literally. Once your sberry is covered, place it on the baking sheet. The final touches are to sprinkle a dash of salt and drizzle honey over the top. It's helpful to sprinkle the salt before the chocolate becomes firm. Notice I did not say "hardens" as this chocolate tends to be more fudge like than candy like.

I imagine at this point you have completed the process and are like "okay, but wtf do I do with all these sberries?" give those little magical gems a home! Give them to a lover, or two loves, or friends, or family. Don't give them to strangers, though it's up to them to tell you if they have an sberry allergy. Before you get too excited, it's best to let them sit in the fridge for a while. Maybe a could of hours. AND (I learned this the hard way) store them in the fridge. Lastly, there is a chance of some left over melted chocolate so save it for a rainy day, or whatever your plans are for the evening :)

Great job. You did it, and I hope the process was fun for you!

That's the short of it.


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